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Company Profile

Barlin lighting technology Co., Ltd. as the strength projector and movie projector bulbs, accessories wholesaler for several years has been committed to Panasonic, Sony,Sanyo, Philips, EIKI, Hitachi, Epson,InFocus, Sharp,ASK, Mitsubishi, BenQ projectors and other well-known brands in the world, the promotion of the movie projector original accessories in the mainland market, and have become the authorized service center of these well-known brands in the mainland.

Active 3D system, independent research and development by the majority of cinema praise, companies and major theaters has maintained long-term and stable cooperation. Customers throughout 24 provinces and cities across the country, covering a range of levels of distributors and government departments, theaters, schools, military and other enterprises.

The company has strong technical force, in the peer-leading position, has a group of experienced, senior engineer with excellent maintenance capability and technical personnel, and maintenance of the different models of various brands projector, has successfully repaired thousands of projectors, and achieved customers consensus and satisfied.

The company adhere to the "good faith" in customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal, to provide users with excellent service attitude, high quality products, excellent technical support. Companies adhere to the science and technology as the primary productive force, and vowed to provide our clients with quality products,professional technology and sincere service, our aim is "We are professional, our intentions, assured " Barlin lighting only focus on devolopment and services.To be Reliablility and professional is our strong point always!